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Wayne Wicker, Chief Investment Officer, Vantagepoint Investment Advisers, LLC, and Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo discuss the upcoming earnings season and how the markets are reacting to potential interest-rate changes and recent geopolitical tensions. Open video in new window

The Vantagepoint View

June 30, 2019
A summary of Vantagepoint Investement Adviser's latest 12-month outlook. 

Market Overview

Second Quarter Equity Market Overview and Outlook
As the first half of 2019 came to a close and the third quarter got underway, the only consistency within the equity market is that it is a paradox. Stocks climbed near all-time highs, yet sentiment plummeted.

Second Quarter Fixed Income Market Overview and Outlook
After using the rebound in credit spreads to reduce our overweight to corporate bonds, we are now maintaining an effectively neutral weighting, while continuing our preference for higher-quality risk assets.

2019 Market Outlook

As 2019 begins, perspective is warranted. In markets and economies, it is certainly not the best of times, but neither is it the worst of times.

Demystifying Non-Agency Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities

A primer on the different flavors of commercial mortgage-backed securities and the roles they play in fixed income funds.

Stable Value in 2018: Using the Full Tool Box to Navigate Rising Rates

Describes key tools for constructing a stable value fund that can weather a rising interest rate environment.

Changes to the VT Vantagepoint Milestone Funds

A look at recent and innovative changes to the VT Vantagepoint Milestone Funds.

2018 Outlook: Tax Reform, Fed Policy, and Technology Keep the Economy on Course and the Stock Market Thriving

Assesses the markets' outlook for 2018 with a recap of the past year's events, activities, and performance.

Emerging Markets: Benefits of an Active Multi-Managed Approach

Outlines Emerging Markets' growing role in the global economy and their potential benefits from a multi-management perspective.

Target-Date Funds: Utilizing a Defined Benefit Approach In a Defined Contribution World

Open-architecture, "through-date" target-date funds find their niche in serving participants' retirement needs.

Choosing the Product for Your Plan's Stable Value Investment Option

Karen Chong-Wulff, CFA, CAIA, Managing Vice President, Fixed Income and Xin Zhou, CFA, FRM, Senior Fund Manager, identify and compare stable value investment products.

Market Volatility and the Investor Disadvantage

Researches the impact of market volatility on investor cash flows and the resulting investor disadvantages across asset classes.

Perspectives on Tactical Asset Allocation in Portfolio Construction

Examines the role tactical asset allocation can play in structuring a portfolio.

Rising Interest Rates and Its Impact on Fixed Income

Explores factors impacting fixed income asset classes and sectors.

The Elusive Predictive Powers of Star Ratings

Whether star ratings can be relied upon to predict fund performance.

Survivorship Bias

Why the impact of attrition should be considered when evaluating mutual funds.

Global Growth Prospects and the Upcoming U.S. Earnings Season

Wayne Wicker, Chief Investment Officer, Vantagepoint Investment Advisers, LLC, discusses U.S.-China trade, the International Monetary Fund's new forecasts for global growth, and corporate earnings in America with the hosts of CNBC's Squawk Box.
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Vantagepoint’s Wicker Wicker, Chief Investment Officer, Vantagepoint Investment Advisers, discusses the recent market action and his investment outlook with Bloomberg Radio's Pimm Foxx and Lisa Ambramowicz.
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